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Bookie Resume

...Responsibilities: Manages establishment to receive pay off bets placed by horse racing patrons. Prepares and issues lists...

Sample Resume For Bookie & Template - Job Description #JOB101220 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/23]

Brimmer Resume

...Responsibilities: Tends machine that presses hat brims to smooth flatten brims. Selects specified flange collar positio...

Sample Resume For Brimmer & Template - Job Description #JOB402223 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/30]

Barrel Maker Resume

...Responsibilities: Assembles wooden barrel shells in raising stand. Places staves inside truss hoop forming rings to ...

Sample Resume For Barrel Maker & Template - Job Description #JOB406091 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/30]

Branch Maker Resume

...Responsibilities: Joins sections of unbaked sewer pipe at specified angles to form junctions, using jigs handtools. ...

Sample Resume For Branch Maker & Template - Job Description #862684010 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/27]

Editor Dictionary Resume

...Responsibilities: Researches information about words that make up language and writes reviews definitions for publication in dictionary. Conducts or directs research to discover origin, spelling, syllabication, pronunciation, meaning and usage of words. Organizes research material writes dictionary definition. May study or conduct surveys to define factors, like fre...

Sample Resume For Editor Dictionary & Template - Job Description #JOB100731 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/30]

Bender Machine Resume

...Responsibilities: Tends machine that folds blanks along scored lines to form boxes. Adjusts machine guide...

Sample Resume For Bender Machine & Template - Job Description #JOB403336 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/03]

Electrical Tester Battery Resume

...Responsibilities: Tests storage batteries, using electric testing instruments. Sets dials on testing instruments according to battery voltage. Places positive & negative wired plugs on posts and intercell-connector terminals of corresponding polarity observes indicator on instrument that measures resistance capacity in terms of pass or reject. Tests...

Sample Resume For Electrical Tester Battery & Template - Job Description #JOB405321 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/01]

Employment Interviewer Resume

...Responsibilities: Interviews job applicants to select people meeting employer qualifications. Reviews employment applications and evaluates work history, education training, job skills, compensation needs and other qualifications of applicants. Records additional knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, test results and other data pertinent to selection referral of applicants. Reviews job orders matches applicants with job requirements, utilizing manual or computerized file search. Informs applicants of job duties and responsibilities, compensation and benefits, work...

Sample Resume For Employment Interviewer & Template - Job Description #JOB100941 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/25]

Burnisher Resume

...Responsibilities: Tends machine that buffs hides to specified finish. Turns setscrews to regulate distance between rollers, according to thickness of hide. Inserts hide between rollers starts machine. Holds half of hide while rollers buff surface of other half. Repeats buffing operation on unbuffe...

Sample Resume For Burnisher & Template - Job Description #JOB402287 [Last Updated Date: 2015/12/30]

Boner Meat Resume

...Responsibilities: Cuts bones from standard cuts of meat, like chucks, hams, loins, plates, rounds, and shanks to prepare meat for packing and marketing, using knife meat hook. Inserts knife in meat around bones to separate meat, fat, or tissue. Pulls twists bones loose from meat. Cuts and trims such meat cuts as butts, hams, flanks, and shoulders to shape meat and remove fat defects. Trims meat from bones ribs. May pull bones and skin fr...

Sample Resume For Boner Meat & Template - Job Description #JOB400587 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/31]

Blower Resume

...Responsibilities: Shapes gather gob of molten glass into glassware by blowing through blowpipe. Receives blowpipe from Gatherer 575. 684-026 examines gather on blowpipe for imperfections, utilizing knowledge of molten glass characteristics. Blows through pipe to inflate gather while rotating pipe to prevent sagging & to obtain desired shape, or blows rotates gather in m...

Sample Resume For Blower & Template - Job Description #JOB406193 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/28]


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