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Baker Chef Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Supervises coordinates activities of personnel in bread-baking department. Plans p...

Sample Job Description For Baker Chef & Template - Job Description #JOB200592 [2016/01/30]

Public Works Commissioner Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Directs and coordinates activities of city departments of public works utiliti...

Sample Job Description For Public Works Commissioner & Template - Job Description #JOB101277 [2016/02/01]

Commissary Assistant Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Stores, prepares, and delivers foods for zoo or aquarium animals. Unloads meats, prod...

Sample Job Description For Commissary Assistant & Template - Job Description #JOB201215 [2016/02/04]

Chef Head Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Coordinates activities of and directs indoctrination and training of Chefs hotel and rest. ...

Sample Job Description For Chef Head & Template - Job Description #JOB101217 [2016/02/04]

Commissary Helper Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Stores, prepares, and delivers foods for zoo or aquarium animals. Unloads meats, produce, fodder and other food items from delivery vehicle, using handtruck. Sorts stores items on shelves, in bins, or in refrigerated storage room of commissary. Assembles food items needed for diet of various animals as directed by supervisory personnel. Measures, weighs, or counts items to obtain ...

Sample Job Description For Commissary Helper & Template - Job Description #JOB201215 [2016/01/02]

Chef And Head Cook Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: being reliable, responsible, and dependable, and fulfilling obligations, being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks, being open ...

Sample Job Description For Chef And Head Cook & Template - Job Description #ON35101100 [2016/01/30]

Chef De Cuisine Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Coordinates activities of and directs indoctrination and training of Chefs hotel and rest. ; Cooks ; & other kitchen workers engaged in preparing & cooking foods in hotels or restaurants to make sure an efficient profitable food service. Plans or participates in planning menus and utilization of food surpluses leftovers, taking into account probable number of guests, marketing conditions, popularity of various dishes and recency of menu. Estimates food consumption and purchases or requisitions foodstuffs kitchen supplies. Reviews menus, analyzes recip...

Sample Job Description For Chef De Cuisine & Template - Job Description #JOB101217 [2016/01/27]

Police Commissioner Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Administers municipal police department. Participates in decisions of Board to purchase supplies and equipment; to administer funds & care for property of department; to set number and salary of officers and employees of department; to modify classification standards of service; to hear and act on charges of incompetence, disobedi...

Sample Job Description For Police Commissioner & Template - Job Description #JOB101297 [2016/02/07]

Sous Chef Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Ensure training of assigned shift kitchen staff is conducted in a timely manner. Communicate with all shift employees to help them understand their job descriptions company policies. Complete documentation of employee performance & attendance issues in accordance with company policy and practice, including independently initiating authorizing any employment action deemed necessary. Hire terminate employees of the kitchen operation. Maintain and update all employee files required company documentation forms. Review all sanitation production charts for the kitchen operatio...

Sample Job Description For Sous Chef & Template - Job Description #CV13940 [2016/02/07]

Kitchen Chef Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Supervises, coordinates, and participates in activities of cooks and other kitchen personnel engaged in preparing cooking foods in hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, or other establishment. Estimates food consumption and requisitions or purchases foodstuffs. Receives & examines foodstuffs and supplies to make sure quality and quantity meet established standards specifications. Selects and develops recipes based on type of food to be prepared and applying personal knowledge experience in food preparation. Supervises personnel engaged in preparing, cooking, an...

Sample Job Description For Kitchen Chef & Template - Job Description #JOB200593 [2016/02/02]


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