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Beautician Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Provides beauty services for customers. Analyzes hair to ascertain condition of hair. Applies bleach...

Sample Job Description For Beautician & Template - Job Description #JOB200673 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/29]

Dog Beautician Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Combs, clips, trims, and shapes dogs coats to groom dogs, using knowledge of canine charact...

Sample Job Description For Dog Beautician & Template - Job Description #JOB201225 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/03]

Mortuary Beautician Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Prepares embalmed bodies for interment. Manicures nails, using files and nail polish and ...

Sample Job Description For Mortuary Beautician & Template - Job Description #JOB200684 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/03]

Blender Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Tends machine that blends flour. Loads pallets with sacks of specified flour transports them to blendin...

Sample Job Description For Blender & Template - Job Description #JOB400202 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/26]

Bevel gear generator Operator Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Sets up and operates one or more straight-tooth bevel-gear generating machines to cut and shape straight teeth on metal bevel-gear blanks, according to machining instructions knowledge of gear generating procedures. Reads blueprint or machining instructions to define machine settings, fixtures cutters to use and gear type, dimensions, tolerances and number of teeth to be generated. Mounts workpiece on arbor positions it to cutting angle. Positions clamps two cutters in toolheads, and positions cutter cradle to specified angle, using wrenches. Mounts ...

Sample Job Description For Bevel gear generator Operator & Template - Job Description #JOB402593 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/26]

Burnisher Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Tends machine that buffs hides to specified finish. Turns setscrews to regulate distance between rollers, according to thickness of hide. Inserts hide between rollers starts machine. Holds half of hide while rollers buff surface of other half. Repeats buffing operation on unbuffe...

Sample Job Description For Burnisher & Template - Job Description #JOB402287 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/02]

Blacksmith Helper Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Assists Blacksmith in metal articles. Obtains equipment, like stop blocks hammer dies from toolroom. Cuts metal to predetermined size, using saw. Lights furnace turns control valves to regulate temperature. Lifts metal parts from furnace with tongs places parts on anvil or under powe...

Sample Job Description For Blacksmith Helper & Template - Job Description #JOB402758 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/01]

Bundle Clerk Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Prepares laundry for processing distributes laundry, performing any combination of following duties. Opens bundles of soiled laundry. Places bundles onto conveyor belt or drops down chute for distribution to marking classification sections. Weighs laundry on scales records weight on tickets. Removes bundles from conveyor distributes to workers, using handtruck. Fastens identification pins or clips onto laundry to facilitate subsequent assembly of customers orders. Sorts net bags containing clean wash according to customers identification tags. Sorts empty net bags according to colo...

Sample Job Description For Bundle Clerk & Template - Job Description #JOB200820 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/30]

Biology Specimen Technician Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Prepares and embeds in plastic, biological specimens of plant animal life for use as instructional aids. Selects plant or animal specimen in preserved or dried state. Dissects animal cleans all matter from skeletal structures. Prepares slices or cross sections of small animals, embryos, or cross sections of animal organs, like glands, kidneys, hearts, or eyes. Selects, trims, and stains a variety of stalks, flowers, and leaves to show plant structure systems. Selects different stains to clearly indicate support structure, ci...

Sample Job Description For Biology Specimen Technician & Template - Job Description #JOB100353 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/30]

Belt Glass Sander Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Seams edges of glass, using belt sander. Selects abrasive belt according to type of finish specified installs belt on pulleys of machine. Turns screw to tighten center belt on pulleys. Turns valve to start water spray on wet-belt machine or pushes ...

Sample Job Description For Belt Glass Sander & Template - Job Description #JOB406241 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/30]

Building and grounds Supervisor Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in maintaining and repairing physical structures and utility systems of buildings maintaining grounds. Directs workers engaged in painting and performing structural repairs to masonry, woodwork and furnishings of buildings & maintaining and repairing building utility systems, like electrical wiring and controls, heating and ventilating systems [Utilities-And-Maintenance Supervisor 899. 131-018]; and water distributing plumbing systems [Plumbing Su...

Sample Job Description For Building and grounds Supervisor & Template - Job Description #891137010 [Last Updated Date: 2016/01/30]

Barrel Tester And Drainer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Examines heads and staves of tight barrels or kegs, containing water compressed air, to define if they are liquid tight. Rolls tumbles barrel to spread water over interior of barrel. Examines barrel for faulty stave joints, leaks, loose or ...

Sample Job Description For Barrel Tester And Drainer & Template - Job Description #JOB406096 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/07]

Bath Steward stewardess Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Services bathrooms aboard ship, and schedules passengers for baths showers. Prepares baths and showers at times requested informs passengers. Cleans b...

Sample Job Description For Bath Steward stewardess & Template - Job Description #JOB200746 [Last Updated Date: 2016/02/05]


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