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Chief Marketing Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Develop and implement a national marketing, pr brand campaign for the business, ...

Sample Job Description For Chief Marketing Officer & Template - Job Description #CV14050 [2016/01/20]

Purchasing Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Manage purchasing activities to make sure the timely procurement of all goods and ser...

Sample Job Description For Purchasing Officer & Template - Job Description #CV15623 [2016/01/29]

Community Service Officer Patrol Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Patrols city housing projects community parks to prevent crimes, quell disturb...

Sample Job Description For Community Service Officer Patrol & Template - Job Description #JOB200904 [2016/02/02]

Finance Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Review all relevant subcontractor invoices to make sure completeness and consistency wit...

Sample Job Description For Finance Officer & Template - Job Description #CV15535 [2016/01/21]

Police Officer Safety Instruction Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Conducts training programs to enhance public and personal safety law enforcement. Collects and organizes materials, prepares & delivers lectures and plans and implements activities to educate and advise school students, teachers, parents and civic and business groups on such topics as personal public safety, drugs, safe driving and law enforcement. Coordinates activities between schools, clubs other organizations and police department to a...

Sample Job Description For Police Officer Safety Instruction & Template - Job Description #JOB200965 [2016/01/29]

Investigation Division Commanding Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Directs and coordinates activities of squad of law enforcement personnel engaged in investigating establishments persons suspected of violating laws concerning gambling, liquor, narcotics, and prostitution. Conducts raids upon suspect establishments directs arrest of persons involved. Directs persons engaged in collection of evidence to be used in prosecuting arrested suspects. Evaluates work performance of immediate subordinates. May train subordinates newly assigned to investigation division in pe...

Sample Job Description For Investigation Division Commanding Officer & Template - Job Description #JOB200942 [2016/01/21]

Compliance Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Maintain internal control standards together with any issues raised by external regulators. Act as advisory with external regulators/authorities. Interpret existing & new laws regulations. Monitor changes to business practices. Advise line management of relevant implications. Ensure the requirements detailed in the compliance policies and procedures handbook the staff handbook relevant departmental handbooks are satisfactorily adhered to. Ensure a comprehensive compliance monitoring programme is in operation to make sure relevant issues are effectively reported both in...

Sample Job Description For Compliance Officer & Template - Job Description #CV15393 [2016/01/29]

Marketing Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Implement the business development plan in conjunction with management. Maintain a positive relationship with/and referral network by providing information training, answering questions, undertaking an active call program and utilizing business development tools. Maintain awareness of market area by being familiar with business industry, sectors competitors. Work with marketing support personnel to develop and maintain appropriate marketing pamphlets, brochures other promotional items. Share information about marketing efforts new customers with production ...

Sample Job Description For Marketing Officer & Template - Job Description #CV15501 [2016/02/03]

Security Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Ensure the safety and protection of customers employees. Answer calls to assist both customers and associates with respect to safety security operations. Assist sick/injured customers or associates ensuring all documentation, reporting witness statements have been completed within a timely manner. Write incident accident reports, monitor investigations to their timely conclusion. Ensure appropriate follow-up with customers, visitors employees, documenting all contacts. Maintain accurate records while performing basic duties including, but not limited to, camera monitori...

Sample Job Description For Security Officer & Template - Job Description #CV15430 [2016/01/30]

HR Officer Job Description

...Job Responsibilities: Assist the HR Manager in personnel administration, implementation of organization HR policies their follow-up, staffing issues or industrial relations. Propose action plans participate in their deployment. Collect information & responsible for preparing reports in line with organi...

Sample Job Description For HR Officer & Template - Job Description #CV15453 [2016/01/29]


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