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Job Title: Agricultural Technician
Duties And Responsibilities [are to]:

    Record data pertaining to experimentation, research, or animal care

    Collect samples from crops or animals so testing can be performed

    Prepare data summaries, reports, or analyses that include results, charts, or graphs to document research findings results

    Adjust testing equipment, and also prepare culture media, following standard procedures

    Operate laboratory equipment like spectrometers, nitrogen determination apparatus, air samplers, centrifuges, and also potential hydrogen pH meters to perform tests

    Measure or weigh ingredients used in testing or for purposes like animal feed

    Plant seeds in specified areas, and also count the resulting plants to define the percentage of seeds that germinated

    Supervise pest or weed control operations including locating as well as identifying pests or weeds, selecting chemicals application methods, scheduling application, and also training operators

    Measure as well as mark plot areas, and also plow, disc, level, and also otherwise prepare land for cultivated crops, orchards vineyards

    Conduct insect or plant disease surveys

    Examine animals specimens to define the presence of diseases or other problems

    Perform general nursery duties, like propagating standard varieties of plant materials, collecting germinating seeds, maintaining cuttings of plants, or controlling environmental conditions

    Operate farm machinery, including tractors, plows, mowers, combines, balers, sprayers, earthmoving equipment, or trucks

    Perform crop production duties, like tilling, hoeing, pruning, weeding, or harvesting crops

    Devise cultural methods or environmental controls for plants for which guidelines are sketchy or nonexistent

    Maintain or repair agricultural facilities, equipment, or tools to make sure operational readiness, safety, and also cleanliness

    Set up laboratory or field equipment, and also prepare sites for testing

    Transplant trees, vegetables, or horticultural plants

    Supervise or train agricultural technicians or farm laborers

    Prepare or present agricultural demonstrations

    Respond to inquiries requests from the public that do not require specialized scientific knowledge or expertise

    Assess comparative soil erosion from various planting or tillage systems, like conservation tillage with mulch or ridge till systems, no-till systems, or conventional tillage systems with or without moldboard plows

    Conduct studies of nitrogen or alternative fertilizer application methods, quantities, or timing to make sure satisfaction of crop needs minimization of leaching, runoff, or denitrification

    Record environmental data from field samples of soil, air, water, or pests to monitor the effectiveness of integrated pest management IPM practices

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